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Our Services

  • comprehensive financial and corporate accounting;;

  • tax preparation and filing, including VAT;
  • payroll processing;
  • consolidated statements;
  • financial reports;

  • tax returns;
  • audit support, verification of audit reports;
  • due diligence;

  • tax consultancy,tax solutions and optimization;

  • cash flow optimization and budget planning;

  • international accounting systems.

Why Choose Us?

  • extensive, high-quality range of services;

  • unique combination of consulting, outsourcing and IT integration;

  • cooperation with external consultants from various business areas (accounting, auditing, taxes and law);

  • flexibility and strong focus on customer preferences;

  • professional communication with state and financial institutions;

  • 24/7 performance information about your business via LINK portal;

  • significant reduction of costs resulting from the use of our services;

  • professional tax optimization programs contributing to more efficient tax compliance;

  • quality and satisfaction guarantee;

  • full responsibility for provided services.


LINK Portal

Information portal for our clients.
LINK online

LINK Online - News

News page about the LINK web application.
LINK online

OPENServices for Optimal Solutions

With a network of 4 branches in BRATISLAVA » BUDAPEST » KOSICE » PRAGUE and partners all over Europe, we are ready to support your business regardless of where you are located.


LINK is a web-based application which provides comprehensive information about your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week It serves as a connection between our accounting system and the client, representing a bridge in communication and data visualization of the accounting agenda. Request your DEMO version free of charge.


Our Mission

As a dynamically developing consulting company providing services in business advisory, law, accounting, taxes, auditing, outsourcing, IT integration and human resources, we strive to actively contribute to increasing financial efficiency and hence the competitiveness of the business sector for Slovakia and Central Europe.


We actively cooperate with lawyers, financial analysts, industry experts, as well as maintain constant contact with banks, leasing companies, and various financial and state institutions. We build comprehensive services under one roof, so that you can focus only on solving problems related to your core business and, therefore, not lose time looking for solutions that we have already prepared.

Our Philosophy

Do you really think that your secretary, accountant, payroll clerk, or IT technician is always occupied for 8 hours a day and 5 days a week? Do they achieve at least a satisfactory level of productivity? Do they bring adequate value for the money you have invested in them? We do not strive to be irreplaceable. We strive to be available whenever you need our support. We strive to bring creative solutions for cost saving, streamlining cash flow or detecting deficiencies in accounting. Sufficient communication, timely responses to requests, punctuality, meeting deadlines and giving feedback are all treated as integral parts of our work.

The philosophy of our work is based on task diversification at the workplace, with some routine elements. We accumulate many requirements, so we can interchange our work and avoid creating “irreplaceable” employees. Our employees are fully substitutable, eliminating problems such as illness, maternity leave, vacations, higher wage requirements and the like. You do not have to worry about your growth, you will not need more expensive office space. We take on all these problems with appropriate financial guarantees, which, unlike labor law, are truly enforceable.

The actual model of your company's outsourcing possibilities is included in the project, which we develop for you completely free of charge. It describes all the possibilities in terms of the nature of work and possible savings, as well as processes and models of work following the deployment phase. To develop this project, we will need to get to know your company. Discretion is a matter of course - neither your employees nor your business partners will notice anything. Our project team includes deployment experts, as well as experts in accounting and tax, IT and corporate finance, as these areas always overlap regardless of the nature of the company's core business.

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